Street Fighter used in Japanese police recruitment


Japanese police are using Street Fighter to recruit agents.

The characters in the Capcom series will be used as pets in the recruiting campaigns of the Osaka Police in Japan to search for cybercrime investigators.

Capcom has been working with Japanese police forces since 2013 to launch awareness and crime prevention campaigns, but this is the first time Street Fighter characters have been used.

Osaka police will distribute 3000 flyers and 1000 posters across the cities in this new campaign, and Capcom is eager to help.

“Chosen by the powerful brand image, popularity among various age groups, and the affinity eSports have for cyberspace, the characters will be featured in recruiting advertisements for researchers to increase the knowledge and numbers of cybersquatters whose number of incidents has increased in recent years. ”

Peter, the Street Fighter 5 cop, will not be used in this recruiting campaign.

Peter is really a cop in the Street Fighter world and hates criminal scum, even if it does not help when facing Cammy in Street Fighter 5’s Story mode.

It only serves as Cammy’s punching bag and deserved more.


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