Hearthstone – New expansion will have several highlights


Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum is the new expansion of the popular Blizzard game and will mark the return of League of Explorers from the previous expansion of League of Explorers.

It will be on August 6 that the new set of 135 cards inserted in an Egyptian theme will come to the game and present a new main word: Reborn. This will allow you to resuscitate an enemy the first time they are destroyed, but only with a hit point.

The Plagues – Set of powerful spell cards are also a highlight. Among them will be Plague of Death – with a cost of 9 Mana whose ability destroys all the minions.

There are also new Quest cards, which give you powerful Hero powers, such as drawing a free card or combining card effects.

Reno, Elise, Brann, and Sir Finley – who star in the Savior of Uldum trailer are also back and promising a big expansion:


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