Daemon X Machina received motion controls and more improvements


Marvelous and Nintendo have made huge improvements in Daemon X Machina, which makes the exclusive Switch a title superior to what you saw in the demo.

From the arrival of this demo to the eShop, the players responsible for the game were attentive to the feedback of the players and decided to apply several improvements, which are now demonstrated.

In this new video, you can see how they improved the game with graphical refinements and gameplay.

An improved Lock-On system, which allows you to track enemy movements, collect the equipment at a greater distance or while you are gliding, visual indicator of the direction from which you are being targeted and even movement controls.

The use of the gyroscope allows you to use your body movements to aim and shoot, a novelty that was implemented after the community contact with this demo.

Some actions, such as reloading weapons, have been refined and the control scheme itself has been improved. The game also received some visual adjustments and the movement of your Mech became much more fluid and fast.

These improvements promise to make Daemon X Machina a more dynamic game and make it even more attractive in the eyes of those who already had it in their sights.

Daemon X Machina will hit stores on September 13th.


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